CryptoEQ and Event Horizon Capital team up with Raze Finance RazeTeam April 27, 2023

CryptoEQ and Event Horizon Capital team up with Raze Finance for exclusive private offerings

This partnership creates a win-win-win scenario for all stakeholders in the digital asset industry

Austin, Texas – CryptoEQ, a leading crypto research and market intelligence company, and Event Horizon Capital, a digital asset fund management company, have announced a partnership with Raze Finance, a private fundraising platform, to launch their private offerings. This partnership will enable CryptoEQ to offer due diligence reports to Raze clients and investors, while Event Horizon Capital will raise up to $10m for its fund through Raze.

The announcement was made at CoinDesk Consensus 2023, a leading conference for the digital asset industry, happening this week in Austin, Texas. Raze, CryptoEQ, and Event Horizon Capital are high-growth trailblazers in the digital asset industry, and this trilateral partnership creates a win-win-win scenario for all stakeholders.

CryptoEQ is raising capital to accelerate growth and sees value in the Raze platform. Event Horizon Capital is seeking to raise funds for its multi-strategy investment vehicle and believes that Raze can add value here too. Raze is looking to establish a pilot use case of a fund raising on its platform, and Event Horizon Capital is just the right partner for this.

“We are excited to partner with Raze and Event Horizon Capital to bring our research and market intelligence to Raze clients and investors,” said Michael Thoma, Co-founder and Lead Analyst at CryptoEQ. “This partnership will enable us to expand our reach and provide valuable insights to the digital asset industry.”

“We are thrilled to partner with CryptoEQ and Raze to raise funds for our liquid token fund,” said Spencer Randall, General Partner at Event Horizon Capital. “Raze’s platform provides a unique opportunity for us to showcase our fund offering in a streamlined and effective manner.”

“We are excited to work with CryptoEQ and Event Horizon Capital to continue our push to be the world’s best private fundraising platform,” said Brian Anderson, CEO of Raze. “This partnership is a testament to the value that Raze provides and we look forward to working with our partners to create a win-win-win scenario for all stakeholders.”

Overall, this partnership between CryptoEQ, Event Horizon Capital, and Raze highlights the increasing importance of private offerings and due diligence in the digital asset industry. By leveraging the strengths of each partner, this collaboration is poised to create significant value for investors and clients alike. As the industry continues to evolve, partnerships such as this one will be instrumental in driving growth and innovation.

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About CryptoEQ

CryptoEQ is a leading crypto research and market intelligence company that provides valuable insights to the digital asset industry. The company’s due diligence reports are trusted by investors and clients around the world.

About Event Horizon Capital

Event Horizon Capital is a digital asset fund management company that uses proprietary systems to generate returns for its investors. The company’s investing and trading strategies are based on deep analysis of market data and trends.

About Raze Fintech Inc.

Raze is a private fundraising platform and investor community that streamlines and improves the process of raising and deploying capital. Startups and existing businesses can design, set up, and deploy their raise by issuing equity, revenue shares, and tokens to qualified investors. The platform features dynamic listing pages, identity verification, accredited investor declarations, digital signature capabilities for agreement execution, as well as support for multiple forms of payment, including cryptocurrencies and fiat wire transfer. As an added benefit, proof of investment NFTs are issued upon successful investment.