Family Offices Are Pulling Out of Stocks and Investing In Private Markets RazeTeam December 14, 2023
Family offices are trading stocks for private investments

Family Offices are Trading Stocks for Private Investments

In the dynamic landscape of fundraising, the strategies employed by family offices are carving a new narrative. A recent survey by Campden Wealth and RBC has uncovered a paradigm shift, revealing that family offices are diverting more of their investments into private markets than ever before, outpacing traditional public stocks. As a vigilant observer of financial trends, delving into these shifts provides a compelling glimpse into the future of fundraising.

The Rise of Private Markets

For the first time in the survey’s history, family offices have allocated 29.2% of their investments to private markets, showcasing a strategic move away from publicly traded stocks, which now stand at 28.5%. This shift signifies a broader trend of confidence in the long-term stability and returns that private markets offer.

An Entrepreneurial Touch

Notably, family offices, typically representing individuals with assets of $100 million or more, are opting for more direct involvement in private equity and venture capital. This entrepreneurial approach involves direct deals, reflecting a trend where family offices are keen on actively participating in the growth of private companies, leveraging not just capital but also expertise.

Future Projections: An Emphasis on Private Equity

The survey indicates a forward-looking stance among family offices, with 41% planning to increase allocations to private equity funds. This aligns with the notion that private markets present a promising avenue for stable returns amidst the potential volatility of publicly traded stocks.

Alternative Assets on the Horizon

Beyond private markets, family offices are increasingly eyeing alternative assets such as real estate and commodities. The diversification into these avenues underscores a multifaceted approach to wealth management, suggesting a strategic effort to hedge against potential market fluctuations.

Cautious Optimism in a Shifting Landscape

Even with these bold moves, family offices are approaching the financial landscape with a degree of caution. Nearly 60% express concern about recession risks, showcasing a keen awareness of external economic factors. This nuanced approach aligns with the notion that, even in a changing landscape, a prudent assessment of risks is crucial.

Strategic Cash Reserves

A notable aspect is the substantial cash reserves held by family offices, standing at 9% of their assets. This reserve indicates a readiness to pounce on unique opportunities, be it in real estate, acquisitions, or further investments in private markets.


As a financial expert navigating these trends, it’s clear that family offices are not merely reacting to market conditions; they are actively shaping the future of fundraising. The emphasis on private markets, coupled with a diversified approach to alternative assets, presents an intriguing landscape for startups and entrepreneurs seeking funding. Understanding these shifts provides valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of fundraising, shedding light on potential avenues and strategies that may define the future of financial ventures.

Original source: CNBC.