Raze and Black Dog Venture Partners Provide a Winning Combination RazeTeam March 7, 2023
Black Dog Venture Partners with Raze Fintech Financial Fundraising Platform

Raze and Black Dog Venture Partners Provide a Winning Combination for Entrepreneurs Looking to Raise Capital

Partnership to empower entrepreneurs with innovative fundraising options and exposure

TAMPA, FL, USA, February 22, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Raze Fintech Inc, the private fundraising platform, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Black Dog Venture Partners, with a goal to expand fundraising solutions to help entrepreneurs and businesses raise capital.

As part of the partnership, Raze and Black Dog Venture Partners will host a webinar titled “Raze with Revenue” on March 29th at 1:00pm ET to explore how to raise capital with revenue shares instead of selling equity. The webinar will feature a panel of experts who will share insights and strategies on using revenue shares to fund businesses.

In addition to the webinar, Raze will sponsor the VCFastPitch.com series, where startups pitch to early-stage accredited investors. The virtual event will take place on April 6, while the next in-person event is scheduled for April 13 in Orlando, Florida.

“We are excited to partner with Black Dog Venture Partners to offer cutting-edge fundraising solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs,” said Brian Anderson, CEO of Raze. “The ‘Raze with Revenue’ webinar will provide valuable insights into using revenue shares to raise capital, while our sponsorship of the VCFastPitch.com series will offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their businesses to qualified investors and close deals on the platform.”

Scott Kelly, founder and CEO of Black Dog Venture Partners, also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. “Entrepreneurs need funding solutions to bring their ideas to life, and our partnership with Raze will empower them to do just that. By joining forces, we’re giving startups access to the tools and events they need to grow their businesses and make their dreams a reality.”

With this new partnership and upcoming events, Raze continues to establish itself as a leading private fundraising platform. The company’s dedication to providing effective solutions and fostering partnerships with industry leaders demonstrates its commitment to revolutionizing the world of fundraising.

About Raze Fintech Inc.

Raze is a private fundraising platform and investor community that streamlines and improves the process of raising and deploying capital. Startups and existing businesses can design, set up, and deploy their raise by issuing equity, revenue shares, and tokens to qualified investors. The platform features dynamic listing pages, identity verification, accredited investor declarations, digital signature capabilities for agreement execution, as well as support for multiple forms of payment, including cryptocurrencies and fiat wire transfer. As an added benefit, proof of investment NFTs are issued upon successful investment.

About Black Dog Venture Partners

Black Dog Venture Partners is a business accelerator that provides access to funding through our network of 13,000 investors, business development through our network of 40,000 business partners, sales/marketing and executive coaching services for disruptive companies. Black Dog Venture Partners is also the host of the VC Fast Pitch Events that connects startups with the nation’s top investors.

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