Raze Completes Pre-Seed Round by Issuing Security NFTs RazeTeam October 24, 2022

Raze Completes Pre-Seed Round by Issuing Security NFTs

Raze NFT Minting Platform Completes Pre-Seed Round by Issuing Security NFTs – Will Showcase Platform at CoinAgenda

The Web3 startup raises 175k USD in crypto & fiat from accredited investors by issuing Securities NFTs minted using the Raze platform on the Polygon Network

CHEYENNE, WY, USA, October 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — RAZE Fintech Inc., the first NFT minting platform for security NFTs, successfully completed their pre-seed round of $175k USD using their platform. In addition to their raise, the Raze minting platform is live, accepting client applications, and has launched two pilot clients seeking to raise startup seed capital. 

Having witnessed and encountered persistent friction while raising capital personally and with clients, Brian Anderson, Founder and CEO of Raze set out to radically streamline the way founders raise money and how qualified investors deploy capital by leveraging NFTs.  “Most startups, small businesses, and creatives have significant fundraising friction due to a complicated, expensive, and resource-intensive process” said Brian Anderson, adding “We are solving these pain-points by minting NFTs and giving companies the ability to issue securities in a compliant way.”

It is clear to Brian Anderson and his team of industry veterans that NFTs are a dynamic digital container for qualified investments, so they created a Web3 Software as a Service (SaaS) NFT minting platform and validated it with their successful $175k pre-seed round.  

Instead of disrupting or reinventing the foundations of securities by issuing fungible tokens, the Raze platform provides a minting platform for companies to issue non-fungible Dynamic Security Tokens (DSTs) representing an underlying investment instrument like a SAFE or revenue share agreement. The DSTs can be used to grant and manage shareholders access to voting, distributions, and liquidity to qualified investors in qualified transfers. 

Raze is committed to providing an NFT minting platform for companies to raise capital in a compliant manner. To accomplish this, the platform requires issuers to KYC all qualified investors, obtain accredited investor declarations, and execute digital signing of agreements. It is the responsibility of the issuers to assure their fundraising is done in a compliant manner.

Using the Raze platform to facilitate their fundraising needs, each company will onboard accredited investors to their private placement offering.  Qualified investors will be able to access everything they would expect in a traditional offering, including investor contracts, data room, information on the company, and, of course, material information related to the overall offer. It is the Raze mission to give founders and investors a platform to enable capital formation in a frictionless way, by minting NFTs as dynamic security tokens.

Raze will be showcasing their SaaS platform at CoinAGENDA Global in Las Vegas, NV on October 21st.