Raze is the Driving Force Behind Web3 Gaming Innovation RazeTeam November 30, 2023
PvP web3 gaming community token launch on Raze

Raze is the Driving Force Behind Web3 Gaming Innovation

Raze is not just a platform; it’s a launchpad for revolutionary projects like PvP, a Universal Gamer Community and Ultimate Gaming Hub. PvP is an innovative gaming community built for the future of gaming in Web 3.0. The synergy between PvP and Raze highlights how the Raze platform is the backbone for visionary ventures in the gaming sector and beyond. PvP’s commitment to redefining gaming aligns seamlessly with Raze’s mission to empower innovators, including in the blockchain space.

Launching a SAFT on Raze

PvP has officially launched an exciting presale token round starting now through December 31, 2023 on the Raze platform. The presale event provides a unique opportunity for enthusiasts and investors to be part of the gaming revolution. Leveraging Raze’s capabilities, PvP has opted for a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) structure, streamlining the investment process and ensuring a secure and compliant approach to private fundraising. Some of the innovative benefits to investors include:

  • 60-76% discount off of listing price
  • Investors can stake invested tokens for up to 35% target APY during release schedule
  • Holders earn up to 105% reward tokens from investor staking program
  • Receive an investor badge on your PvP Profile

Raze is a Home for Innovation

This collaboration between PvP and Raze exemplifies the future of gaming—an intersection of creativity, finance, and technology. If you’re an investor and want to explore this investment and other innovative opportunities being launched on Raze, request an invite to join the platform (U.S. investors excluded from this offer). In addition to their token offering, PvP is also set to release its inaugural NFT collection, sending the buzz viral everywhere.

And if you’re an innovator looking to raise capital for your project you can get started today by following this link.

PvP online gaming community web3 saft on raze

About PvP

PvP is a non-toxic universal gaming community built for the future of gaming, Web 3.0, creator economy, and authentic social interactions. With features like newsfeed, clips, squad finder, community pages, customized profiles, direct messages, voice chat, and more one can easily connect with fellow gamers and content creators, find gaming guilds, advertise products, publish new games, and more. The team at PvP has deep experience in crypto, gaming and startups. It has built its monetisation plans around creating value added products and services for gamers that will include an NFT marketplace, revenue share, premium upgrades, merchandise and advertising for gamers.