Raze NFT Minting Platform Integrates AVAX RazeTeam November 16, 2022

Raze NFT Minting Platform Integrates AVAX

Raze NFT Minting Platform Integrates AVAX – Supports Issuing Security and Utility NFTs on the Avalanche Blockchain

Startups and SMBs can now raise capital by issuing utility and security NFTs on the Avalanche  blockchain in exchange for AVAX and other cryptocurrencies.

CHEYENNE, WY, USA, November 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — RAZE Fintech Inc., the first NFT minting platform for security NFTs, announced today that the Avalanche blockchain has been integrated into the platform. Avalanche is the fastest Layer 1 blockchain with sub-second time to finality that functions as a platform for decentralized applications and custom blockchain networks.

We identified Avalanche as a key technology in supporting the Raze mission and are thrilled to announce our successful integration

Brian Anderson, CEO of Raze

Avalanche becomes the second Layer 1 blockchain to be integrated into Raze. “Avalanche aims to improve blockchain technology in terms of interoperability, scalability and usability.” said Brian Anderson, Founder and CEO of Raze, “We identified Avalanche as a key technology in supporting the Raze mission and are thrilled to announce our successful integration.”

The Raze platform mission is to improve fundraising processes by reducing friction, increasing accessibility and by streamlining investments in a compliant fashion. The platform does this by leveraging NFTs and digital payments to deliver an unparalleled experience while streamlining the private placement investment process.

The Raze platform offers a minting platform for businesses to create non-fungible Dynamic Security Tokens (DSTs), which represent an underlying investment instrument like a SAFE or revenue share agreement. Raze is using NFTs to enhance the traditional private placement experience rather than upending or recreating the fundamentals of securities by releasing fungible tokens. The DSTs can be used to add additional utility to investors and are capable of facilitating shareholder access to voting, payouts, and liquidity for qualified investors in qualified transfers.

Raze is dedicated to offering businesses an NFT minting platform so they can generate funds in a legal manner. To achieve this, the platform requires issuers to complete digital signing of agreements, receive accredited investor declarations, and do KYC on all qualified investors. The issuers are in charge of making sure that their fundraising is done legally.

The investment process is simple. Each business will onboard accredited investors to their private placement offering using the Raze platform to simplify their fundraising needs. All the information that qualified investors would typically expect to be available in a traditional offering would be accessible to them, including investor contracts, data rooms, company information, and, of course, the relevant material information pertaining to the total offer.

The first company using Raze and Avalanche is now live on the platform. Versafy Inc., is a DAO tooling and governance venture. With the addition of Avalanche, Raze now supports multiple Layer 1 blockchains and will continue to partner with the industry leaders as well as new up and coming chains.

About Raze Fintech Inc.

Raze is the first security NFT minting platform empowering businesses to raise frictionless capital on their terms. Using their proprietary Dynamic Security NFT (DST), the DNA of this security token provides proof of ownership for the investment, a rapid legal review, smart payments offering many different currencies for qualified investments, and ongoing governance for the company including dividends and distributions to qualified investors using smart contracts. Any startup or existing business entities (LLC, Limited Partnership, S-Corp, C-Corp) can design, set up, and deploy their raise to issue and mint NFTs representing fractional equity ownership, royalties, and distributions to qualified investors.

For more information, please visit: https://raze.finance/

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