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Power Your Success With RazeUp

Are you a startup on a mission to secure capital to bring your vision to life, but need additional support in the fundraising process? Welcome to RazeUp, where startups discover a world of tailored support to amplify their fundraising efforts.


Supercharge the Fundraising Process

Our private fundraising platform and investor community streamlines and improves the process of raising and deploying capital.

Hear from Raze founder, Brian Anderson


Benefits of the Raze Platform

Everything in one place

You can check all the boxes when using Raze. KYC/AML, accreditation checks, pitch pages, virtual data rooms, digital legal execution, and acceptance of ACH, CC, Wire, and Crypto.

Your lawyers will love us

Feel confident and safe with your private placement round. All investment activity is transparent and accessible for reporting and compliance needs. This is a private placement platform that allows you, the issuer, a tool to raise under a Reg D 506(b) or 506(c) offer. We also support international offerings and global investors.

We support your instrument

Raze supports traditional priced rounds with subscription agreements or SAFEs, but breakthrough innovation with Web3 and blockchain has cleared the way for companies to use alternative fundraising vehicles beyond equity such as revenue shares, royalties, and tokens.

Built for Tomorrow.
Ready Today.
raze dst dynamic security token for raising capital


Every investment transaction and signed agreement is tokenized on chain for transparency and reporting


Companies raising can accept traditional wire, ACH, CC, and crypto


Investors and founders are verified for KYC/AML compliance with identity tokens to access the platform with zero friction


Resources on Demand

Raze has strategic partners and resources to help you with pitch decks, marketing, PR, and legal. You will also have access to our vast network of pitch events and private investor groups to gain more access to investor ecosystems.

Raze streamlines a lengthy and complicated legal process for both founders and investors.
greg karch attorney at venturly law
Greg Karch Attorney & Partner of Venturly Law
The Raze platform will give our entrepreneurs access to creative new ways to raise capital.
Beatina Theopold UCLA
Beatina Theopold Senior Manager at UCLA Anderson
I raised my pre-seed round in 2 months with Raze!
kimberly bottger founder of reddoors
Kim Bottger Founder of RedDoors
Raising capital with Raze replaces the archaic and low-tech process of building and launching an offer to investors. We are now fully prepared to close investors on the platform!
mel interiano
Mel Interiano Founder & CEO of ElectraPhi
Raising capital doesn’t need to be chaotic.
brian anderson ceo and founder of raze fintech saas fundraising platform
Brian Anderson CEO & Founder of Raze

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GET THE CAPITAL YOU NEEDSetup Your Business for Success
You have a brilliant idea. We have the tools to help you fundraise. Together, we can turn your dreams into reality.
GET THE CAPITAL YOU NEEDSetup Your Business for Success
You have a brilliant idea. We have the tools to help you fundraise. Together, we can turn your dreams into reality.
The Raze Process

We created a simple, founder-friendly process to follow that offers a frictionless and exciting experience for investors and keeps your company compliant.

Onboard Your Business

Complete Raze internal compliance process

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Create a compelling story for investors, detail the terms, and back it up with your data room.

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