Raze and UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator Join Forces to Streamline Capital Raising RazeTeam January 18, 2023
Raze and UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator join forces to streamline capital raising

Revolutionizing Fundraising: Raze and UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator Join Forces to Streamline Capital Raising

Startups and accelerators benefit from Raze’s game-changing fundraising platform.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 18, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Raze Fintech Inc., a private fundraising platform and accredited investor community that streamlines and improves the process of raising capital, has partnered with the UCLA Anderson School of Management Venture Accelerator to give founders access to their fundraising platform. Selected participants will have their setup fees waived and be able to create private listings to raise capital for their projects. Raze and the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator will work closely with founders to bring their offerings to qualified investors.

The UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator is a transformative cohort-based program for early-stage startups and their founders. The programs operate in a hybrid format and leverage the depth and breadth of UCLA’s resources to support and accelerate business growth. 85% of the startups that go through the programs continue to scale successfully to Series A and beyond.

The partnership will give all founders the opportunity to create a Raze platform listing, populate their data room, upload investment documents, and privately solicit accredited investors in partnership with the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator. Using the platform, founders are able to showcase and close investments for their offerings all in one place. In addition to traditional bank payments, founders can accept cryptocurrency and stablecoin payments in return for equity, debt, or revenue shares.

“We built this platform to help entrepreneurs and investors connect and transact,” explained Brian Anderson, CEO and Founder of Raze. “This partnership with one of the world’s leading business school accelerators means the entrepreneurs of tomorrow will be able to leverage cutting edge technology today to raise the capital to fulfill their dreams.”

“In the last 10 years, UCLA Anderson graduates have launched more than 400 ventures and raised in excess of $2 billion in equity funding. More importantly, they are creating innovations that will better our communities.” said Beatina Theopold, a Senior Manager for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at UCLA Anderson. “The Raze platform will give our entrepreneurs access to creative new ways to raise capital.”

As an added value to the entrepreneurs at the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator, Raze will waive the setup fee for every participating business.
Startups and accelerators are encouraged to visit https://raze.finance/ for more information.

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Raze is a private fundraising platform and investor community that streamlines and improves the process of raising and deploying capital. Startups and existing businesses can design, set up, and deploy their raise by issuing equity, revenue shares, and tokens to qualified investors. The platform features dynamic listing pages, identity verification, accredited investor declarations, digital signature capabilities for agreement execution, as well as support for multiple forms of payment, including cryptocurrencies and fiat wire transfer. As an added benefit, proof of investment NFTs are issued upon successful investment.

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