Unleash Your Startup Potential with the (Un)Accelerator Program RazeTeam November 2, 2023
raze (Un)Accelerator program blog post

Unleash Your Startup Potential with the (Un)Accelerator Program

Are you an aspiring startup founder with bold, unconventional ideas? Do you feel like conventional accelerator programs just don’t get you? It’s time to break free from the mold and explore the Raze (Un)Accelerator Program – a launchpad for visionaries that’s changing the game in the startup world.

The (Un)Accelerator Program: Redefining Acceleration

Championing the (Un)tapped and (Un)derestimated (Un)derdogs

In a startup landscape dominated by conformity, we’re on a mission to champion the misfits, mavericks, and visionaries. At Raze, we believe every idea holds the potential to transform the world, provided it’s in the right environment. Our (Un)Accelerator Program is that environment, designed to help startups raise capital while accessing resources and mentorship often overlooked by mainstream accelerators.

Unlike traditional accelerators, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We understand that startups have unique needs and that innovation often thrives when it’s not stifled by rigid structures. We want to provide the spark that ignites your potential and gives you the freedom to thrive. Here’s how:

(Un)Limited Admission & Progression

At Raze, we open our doors to any founder who wants to join, no application required. There are no fees or upfront financial costs, and we don’t take equity. You progress at your own pace, accessing the resources and mentorship you need, when you need it. Say goodbye to the confines of a fixed 3-month program.

(Un)Conventional & Crowdsourced Mentorship

Traditional accelerators usually provide mentorship through a selected panel. In contrast, we invite any experienced entrepreneur to offer mentorship through our group meetings. Successful alumni give back to the community by mentoring, providing resources, or even becoming investors. It’s mentorship that’s as diverse as the startup landscape itself.

(Un)Filtered and (Un)Biased Guidance

Startup terrain can be a complex and challenging landscape to navigate. That’s why we’re all about straight talk and real advice. Our insights are raw and unfiltered, designed to help you navigate the startup world with confidence. But what truly sets us apart is our “Blind Engagement” approach during online meetings. We eliminate video, allowing ideas and conversations to flow freely, unburdened by visual bias. Inspired by the concept of blind auditions, this approach champions inclusivity, ensuring that every voice is valued solely based on merit.

Join Us for the (Un)Accelerator Program Webinar

Are you curious about how the (Un)Accelerator Program can transform your startup journey? Join our free webinar and get ready to dive into a world of opportunities. Here’s what you can expect:

Blind Engagement: Our webinars embody inclusivity and the removal of visual bias. We focus purely on ideas and conversations, giving everyone an equal voice.

Founder Focus Office Hours: A space to connect, collaborate, and cultivate growth with fellow founders.

Pitch Perfect Demo Sessions: Refine, rehearse, and get ready to pitch your startup in front of real investors.

Take your startup journey to the next level with the Raze (Un)Accelerator Program. Whether you’re looking to collaborate with peers, seek mentor guidance, or prepare for investor pitches, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to thrive, no matter where you are in your startup adventure.

Register now for the (Un)Accelerator Program Webinar and seize your chance to be a part of the (Un)tapped and (Un)derestimated (Un)derdogs of the startup world. See you on November 3rd!