What Types of Offerings Does Raze Support? RazeTeam October 23, 2022

What Types of Offerings Does Raze Support?

In order to achieve your Raze, and to clarify the offering types we support, we have put together a list of offerings we support.

NOTE: In the future, Raze may support more structures beyond the following list.

  • Equity: Raze supports traditional equity offerings such as stock for corporations or membership units for LLC’s.
  • Convertible Notes:  Raze supports any type of convertible note that converts to equity upon a triggering event.
  • SAFE Notes:  Raze supports Simple Agreements for Future Equity, with the ability to issue equity once the company completes a triggering event
  • Revenue Share NFTs: Raze supports revenue sharing offerings, which may be structured to pay investors a defined percentage of gross or net revenue.
  • SAFT: Raze supports Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (“SAFTs”), an emerging offering type for web3 companies seeking to launch tokens.  Upon a defined triggering event, the SAFTs may terminate and tokens may be distributed in accordance with the terms of the SAFTs and the token and network launch.

Important Consideration: 

Issuers shall conduct their own offerings in coordination with counsel retained by Issuers. Issuers should inform themselves as to the legal requirements applicable to them with respect to the issuance of any offering represented by NFT’s issued by Raze and the sale and resale of such offerings.  Raze does not provide any legal or investment advice to issuers or investors and Raze is not currently a registered broker deal.  

Raze provides the technological platform under a SaaS Agreement to empower each Issuer to conduct private placement offerings utilizing the above options.  Offerings are currently limited to private placement offerings under the exemption provided by Section 4(A)(2) of the Securities Act and Regulation D as conducted by Issuers and their counsel.  Raze may expand its support to other offering types in the future.